Trekking by Likian Way and Bike Tour in Turkey

Trekking by Likian Way and Bike Tour in Turkey - Turkey

Recreation in Turkey usually is associated with sunny beaches, hotels and sunbathes. But climate of the country makes it very attractive for those, who prefer active recreation too. Trekking in Turkey is much more exciting than relax “all inclusive”. There is an opportunity to visit nooks of the country unavailable for average tourist, to view beautiful and wild places, to recognize real, non touristic life of Turkey.

One of the most popular routes for trekking in Turkey – is Likian Way. It is a route 500 kilometers long on the south of Turkey, for trekking the most interesting part of 150 km is usually chosen. It includes mighty mountains, cozy quite bays, exotic animals, antic ruins and distinctive Turkish settlements. Likian Way holds the position of the most popular trekking route for over ten years.

Trekking tour by Likian Way attracts first of all by natural beauty of Turkish Riviera and mild Mediterranean climate. Most of the territory is part of National Park; the cost is not built with modern hotels, so you may pitch your tent almost anywhere, in any likable place. This tour will please with flavor of real Turkish province, untouched by hotel-touristic business. Therefore tourists have a great opportunity to see, how slowly life of common people in small local villages flows.

To participate in a trekking tour in Turkey even experience of 1 or 2 easy trips for several days will be enough. You won’t need heavy winter equipment, as in spring and autumn – time most suitable for tours at the south of Turkey – the temperature there doesn’t fall below +10 ° C.

If you prefer to move faster and to see more interesting places, the good idea would be to take a bike tour in Turkey. A bike tour is little more complicated in its organization, as a transfer of a bike will be necessary. But if you like bike tourism, it will be a great opportunity to combine pleasant kind of recreation with an incredible trip by the southern Turkey. Exciting landscapes, stunning descents and ascents, transparent rivers and deep canyons and extremely blue sky – all of this and much more you’ll see travelling by Turkey on the bike.

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