паломничество на Корфу

Trekking in Ukraine

Trekking in Ukraine – trips to the Carpathians


The most popular place for trekking in Ukraine is the Carpathians. They are located in the southern-west of the country and covers 24 thousands km2, this is 3,5% of total territory of the country. The height of the mountain ranges is relatively not so high, ranging from 1000 to 2000 meters, which creates good opportunities for hiking tours in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The mountains stretch from the northern-west to the southern-east for 280 km long and more than 110 km wide and occupy territories of the Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Chernivtsi regions.

Carpathian Mountains are multifaceted and various. There are plenty of interesting routes, each of which has own features. But all of them are united by common Carpathian spirit and atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you hike on the rocky placer or wide woodless ranges of Borzhava or Svydovets, you will certainly enjoy the closeness to nature, might and beauty of marvelous mountains.

Trekking in the Carpathians is available both in summer and. Distinguishing feature of winter hiking in the Carpathians is more severe weather, which means low temperatures, much snow, iced legs of the route on the descent and ascent, frequent strong wind on the peaks and ranges. Therefore those hiking in the Carpathians are suitable for experienced tourists, which have appropriate skills and knowledge and all the necessary equipment. More popular and common are summer trekking tours in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The season lasts from May till October or November. Although the weather is variable, still in summer there are more opportunities to discover the beauty of the mountains, step by step passing the mountain trails.

There are a lot of tours to the Carpathians, which include a wide choice of routes of different difficulty degree and different duration. Passing any of them you will see a lot of interesting places by the way, get acquainted with local flora and fauna, and enjoy all the wonder nature has created for millions of years. Trekking in the Carpathians is a wonderful chance to rest of urban routine and everyday work. Time there is seemed to stop to give everyone an opportunity to arrange your thoughts and return back home with fresh strength.

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