No need to worry about your cat home alone anymore



Leaving cat constantly alone for prolonged periods of time is a common mistake of majority of pet owners. It is a result of false statement that cats are loners and it is OK to leave them alone.

Unlike dogs, cats usually do not have their daily regime. Instead of that they know your daily routine and stick to it. They know when you get up, prepare breakfast and go to work because consistency is essential for feline. You are, perhaps, the most important part of your cat’s life and it is your duty to make this life more interesting.

It seems that cats usually sleep all day long and do nothing at all, except, maybe gazing on birds from the window sill. However, as the practice shows, cats are bored when left alone and they entertain themselves by bird hunting, for instance. That can be really dangerous in case if you leave open windows – cat can jump out of them. Bored cats can become depressed or lethargic, lose appetite or vice versa become obese. Cat needs mental and physical stimulation every day, otherwise, it can end really badly.

Usually cat owners don’t use assistance of pet boards or pet sitters if they go somewhere overnight, because cats don’t need a walk in the street. Still, cats need communication and company because they have strong emotional bond with their owners. So what to do in order to entertain your pet even when you are not at home? Petcube can lend you a helping hand!

Petcube camera is a specially designed device for caring pet owners. It is an interactive pet monitor that consists of a camera, sound system and 3d class laser. Everything is simple as it is: watch your pet, speak and play with him.

Wide angle camera enables you to see your cats wherever they are and take pictures if you want. Also with help of shared access you can give your friends a possibility to show what your pet is doing. With help of Petcube mobile app you can give access to your pet monitor to any member of Petcube network.

Laser used in this gadget is safe for the animals and cats really like to chase it because it encourages their hunting instincts.

One feature of this device will definitely catch fancy of cat owners – it is so called Motion detection. With its help you will know when your cat is not sleeping and is ready to play.

There is no need to worry of you have no time to play with your cat on your own. Just use auto play mode and the laser will move according to previously saved moving routine.

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