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That YOU UNDERSTOOD. In what languages inhabitants of Thailand say

The main thing in Thailand that is necessary to know to the tourist about communication with Thais it that in the same way, as well as you not always to a descent and up to the end realize that to you wish to tell, it is not necessary to expect it and from theRead More

Between Nuveyboy and Taboy. Political actions and rest in Egypt

Rest and political actions in Egypt Rest and political actions in Egypt from each other are not far. The coast in length of 70 km between Nuveyboy and Taboy (at border of Israel) was long rather untouched, with several unsightly resorts. In the 90th years thereRead More

The sea message with Aqaba in Jordan. Excursions from Egypt to Jordan on аква трансопрте

Excursions from Egypt to Jordan on the ferry or a catamaran From Nuveyby (069/352-0427) tours from Egypt to Jordan on the ferry or a catamaran to Aqaba are conducted. Thus to find out, how many there is a permit to Egypt on these means of transport, it is easyRead More

History of cinema of Turkey: 90th years of cinematic art of Turkey. At present night Turkey duplicates many known films

Sinematograf art in Turkey the 90th endured crisis When in 1995 the world celebrated century of a sinematograf, the Turkish film industry continued to stay in decline. On screens of the country films of supranational art of Turkey dominated, and the independentRead More

Mediterranean coast and Hatay. Хатай. In the best small towns of Turkey the best beaches

The small town of Turkey undivided with SyriaHut which a thick small finger presses in the district of Syria, represents the Arab enclave and it is connected more with the Arab world, if with from time immemorial Turkish areas. In the region separatist tendenciesRead More

The best rest in Thailand. Tourists in Thailand can not worry about the safety

Thailand: safety of tourists On a crime rate Thailand differs nothing from though what other country. In other words, it is not necessary to feed illusions concerning the safety during a tourist trip to Thailand. Here also snatch out bags and devastate pocketsRead More

Restaurants of Egypt. The cuisine of Egypt is far from vegetarianism though fish and meat are expensive pleasure for Egyptians

The most popular dishes of Egypt Restaurants of Egypt At a trip to round across Egypt you learn a lot of the fascinating... The classics of the Egyptian restaurant or cafe is kebab, «кебаб» from a lamb and jacket (kofta, sharp cutlets from forcemeatRead More

Self-locking device across Egypt. Travel by a self-locking device on an individual transport across Egypt

Travel to Egypt a self-locking device is limited to areas where practically there is no public transport of Egypt (there catch everything that goes), and highways (where full hopes people expect on a roadside a passing share taxi or the regular bus). BecauseRead More

Music of Egypt

Modern Egyptian music can be subdivided on шааби - a city folk music Cairo балади, in what are mixed national мавал (funeral chants) and local chastooshkas, and al-dzhil - a mix of nubian, Libyan and Bedu rhythms with the disco, reflecting tastesRead More

Races Abu Galum. Where perfectly to have a rest in Egypt from a civilization

The coast between Dakhab and Nuveyboy disappears from a look as the road turns off to internal areas. But this remote zone, protectorate of Races А6y Galum, is one of the richest corners of the run wild nature on Sinai (here where perfectly to have a rest inRead More