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Winter festival in Petrozavodsk Giperborey 2011

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 On February 15 in Petrozavodsk competition of ice and snow sculptures which is led within Giperboreys international winter festival opened. On Lake Onega Embankment under soundsRead More

Information for traveling to China without the aid of others

Travel to China without the aid of others will be surely accompanied by visit of many places. Korlas center, in a diameter not surpassing 1 km, is broken into two zones running from the West on the East by the main street of the small town, to Zhenminla (RenminRead More

Istanbul and its district. Istanbul. Beshiktash. By bus across Turkey from Taksim to Beshiktashan

To the northeast from Taksim Square, on the bank of Bosporus, the business suburb of Istanbul Beshiktash who is an one of most ideal the organized transport knots in the small town was stretched. Here it is also possible to find hotels of Turkey with the bigRead More

Beijing Restaurants. Food in China at local restaurants and in hotels

Restaurants at hotels: available food in China In all expensive hotels some restaurants where the usual food in China moves work. In them the solidity atmosphere, but the prices reigns, contrary to expectations, often appear in any way the highest. The descriptionRead More

To Verkhn – the Tazovsky reserve

The top reserve Tazovsky absolutely is still young — it is educated in 1986. «The boundless greenish sea of a taiga» was stretched by the area of 631, 3 thousand hectares on Top Tazovskoy of a height, to Entre Rios of inflows of river. A basin — Pokolka and RattaRead More

Clothes. Inhabitants of Thailand in clothes are undemanding

If you already have a visa to Thailand for Russians, pack suitcases and prepare for a meeting with tropics. In Thailand cotton is preferable. The easy sweater can be necessary, if plan to make travel to mountains in the winter. Well and still you can freeze unlessRead More

North Central Anatoli. To the East from Ankara. To Sungurla, богазкале and places of excavation of hettsky settlements. To Bogazkal living during a tourist season

From Sungurla in БОГАЗКАЛЕ (BOGARKALE) it is necessary to go first 5 km to the East, and after 24 km to the South. Tourist permits to Turkey in this party uniqueness. This modern village is in the end of the road passing on desert pastures, in concrete proximityRead More

Round an oasis of Fayumvokrug of an oasis Fayum

Other occupied centers of an oasis - Sinnuris, Ibshavay, Itsa and Tamiya - represent not enough enthusiasm. But from the small town Fayum it is quite easy to reach fascinating and colourful places: Ayns streams es-Siliyain, lake Karun, etc. Complexity of travelRead More

How to reach How to get to Egypt from the adjoining states Buses. Than the excursion trip to Israel from Egypt is fascinating?

Rounds to Egypt from tour operators of Israel: Mazada Tours www. mazada. co. il, ISSTA Lines (Israel Students Travel Company) of www. issta. co. il. Branches across all Israel. The website, to chagrin, only in Hebrew. Neot HaKikar Touring Company www. neot-hakikarRead More

BODY LANGUAGE. Men of Turkey

Inhabitants of Turkey are very sensitive, they perfectly developed touch. But, making a trip to Turkey, it is not necessary to lose sight of the main moment: touches to persons of a return floor are not encouraged. At all this physical contacts between peopleRead More