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Huang He Kaifeng City of Sight of China. What here main sight of China

We go sightseeing in China in Kaifeng Having returned, in the direction to Zalu Shanynanguan, you can continue the walk and curtail on the North, it is natural, if you did not get tired and the best hotels of China do not attract you in number, on ZhongshanRead More

Yangzi Tszyukhuashans pool. The main sights of China how not to pass the most noteworthy temples of China

The glorified temples of China in TszyukhuashanThough Tszyukhuashan is in 60 km to the South from Yangzi and is removed from the main transport centers of the region, the most cheap rounds to China in it conduct and to reach it easy - direct buses walk here fromRead More

Where to live in Spain and not to burn down under the sun

It is natural, if you the tourist of usual sense and caught a standard tourist package where will live in Spain to depend only on an aaplet and the round price, and a choice of the small town or the settlement, hotel and transport will be care of tour operatorRead More

Dalmatia. Dubrovnik. Center.

Pile Gate gate - a main entrance to the starenky city; this construction of the XV century with a sculpture of the patron of the small town of St. Blazius in a niche over an arch. The are most ideal for beginning round with survey of city walls (ежедн. May-sentRead More

Restaurants of China. Deliver for itself pleasure – order delivery of the Chinese dishes to the house

With love the prepared Chinese dishes will satisfy though what When you go to travel, always there is a number of questions. And choosing permits to China the prices everywhere the various. As specifically the residence for the period of travel at first is definedRead More

Akwa transport during independent travel to Thailand

On the branched-out network of channels of the Central plain and on the local rivers powerboats with a longish tail part which tourists for movement quite often use during travel to Thailand ply. It is possible, by the way, not only to move only on water andRead More

The resorts of the Russian Federation – where to go?

The indescribable abundance of Russian climate and landscape, after all puts from time to time before a difficult choice: «Where to go on the sea to the Russian Federation to have a rest?» Choosing between the North Sea Karelia, the gulfs of St. Petersburg andRead More

Mediterranean coast and Hatay. From Alanyi to Adana. To the East from Silifka. Narlykaya and Accumulator. Restaurants of Turkey about which there are ancient Roman baths

Nearby to Atakenta there is Narlykaya (Narlikuyu), a village with comfortable houses in Turkey in unique beauty the gulf on which coast settled down some restaurants of Turkey and two simple boarding houses. Near small the Roman baths known under the title ofRead More

Izmir and its district. In cheap cafes of the small town it is possible to test dishes of Turkey

Summer holiday in Turkey in the districts of Izmir. For the majority of visitors, Izmir an inevitable obstacle in a way to more tempting places. Nevertheless it небезинтересен also is worthy of it, that in it to look round. Izmir has a profitable geographicalRead More

Erzurum. A little stories. What people of Turkey occupied the city the last centuries

The people of Turkey occupying Erzurum in the ancient timeAcquaintance to history of Turkey gives the chance to us to find out, what people of Turkey occupied Erzurum in the ancient time. Despite of that people lodged here enough long since, Erzurum became knownRead More