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Other sights. Where adore to have a rest inhabitants of Thailand

Having learned how many there is a trip to Thailand, packing a suitcase, do not forget to grasp with itself the chamber. Remove the market Chatuchak (Chatuchak Weekend Market), because this most vast and stunning congestion of trading benches what only can beRead More

East Sichuan and Chungking. Monuments of Old China in Sichuan

East Sichuan - one of the most pleasant areas to carry out in it the most cheap rounds to China - is focused окрест the provincial capital of Chengdu. This city is famous not only only own for ardent dishes with which Chinese cuisine as a whole is not rich andRead More

Yangzi Vvyss pool according to Yangzi: from Wuhan to Ichang. As the culture of China during new time affected history of China during new time

Subject of pride of history of China during new timeIn an extent of centuries Yangzis capricious temper caused many troubles to Chinese, and the dream to bridle the rough river which was often flooding nearby lands, disturbed many Chinese governors. In a foggyRead More

Mediterranean coast. Хатай. Узунджабурч and Alakhan. Main ruins. The temple in Turkey, constructed in Olvys Greek settlement. Theater in Turkey, Uzundzhaburcha available in the middle of ruins

The Roman theater which has grown with a grass in TurkeyRuins of Uzundzhaburcha. The main ruins of Uzundzhaburcha (day and night, an entrance in the presence of the security guard — 2YTL are open that will release you from expensive rest in Turkey) do not goRead More

Зальцкаммергут. Sankt-Wolfgang.

Between Salzburg and Bud-Ishlem is bus routes on the southern coast of the lake Volfgangerzey though they pass the main local sight - the settlement SANKT-WOLFGANG on the return coast. There to get, it is necessary to descend in Shtrobl on east coast of the lakeRead More

North Central Anatoli. Amasye. Calais. The fortress of Turkey can be beheld in Amasye during travel on the country

Over rocky tombs there is Calais, an old fortress of Amasyi. This eminent fortress of Turkey was constructed in the Pontiysky kingdom. The building which has reached us also belongs even more later to Ottoman constructions. To reach Calais heavy, but you willRead More

Dalyan and his district. The salty lake in Turkey behind which bogs and mountains take place

Dolmusha from Ortadzhi and (even more rare) from Marmaris or Fetkhiye land passengers during a rest season in Turkey at the terminal behind the main post office (works ежедн., June-sent., 8. 00-22. 00; окт. - May, 8. 00-19. 00), about which two ATM ATMs. It isRead More

Insurance. Choose rounds of target day to Egypt, without leaving the house

If the above-stated options do not concern you, it is necessary to contact the company specializing on insurance of travel. The usual policy clasps loss of luggage, tickets and, to a certain limit, cash or checks, also cancellation or reduction of terms of travelRead More

Cairo and pyramids. Inconsistent sides of the capital of Egypt

Influence of Cairo in a compartment with pyramids of Egypt on tourists Making your rounds across Egypt, you learn a lot of the fascinating... Two streams of the Egyptian history incorporate together to the South from the Delta, in Cairo - the greatest small townRead More

Akdaglar. Lifting on Akdaglar. Mountain walk is very fascinating, therefore it is necessary to inspect mountains during rather short round to Turkey

Rather short rounds to Turkey – not an occasion to be released from walk to mountainsAkdaglar. If you rented real estate in Turkey on the sea - walk to mountains too can attract to you. If you wish to make an ascension on Akdaglar (3024 m), return to the passableRead More