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Music. Regions and ethnoses. Musical culture and traditions of Turkey. Features of classical music in the various regions of Turkey

What directions of musical folklore are in the regions of TurkeyNow in Turkey there is a large quantity of the directions of folklore music which differ between itself a tool kit and dances executed under it. Outside of the huge cities and their overpopulatedRead More

Mediterranean coast and Hatay. From Alanyi to Adana. Кызкалеси and district. Practical advice. The best clubs of Turkey, Club Barbarossa

To be guided in the small town it is simple. Transport in Turkey, buses to Mersin and walk here on going повдоль coasts of the highway back and land own passengers directly in the center. Practically all hotels of Turkey are between the highway and the coastlineRead More

Coast of the Sea of Marmara. South of the Sea of Marmara. Iznik. Hotels. Hotels of Turkey ashore in which shadow of trees it is possible to put tent

For some reason or other in the small town of most of all single rooms, well and those from the middle of June to the middle of September, in particular in Turkey on days off, it is necessary to reserve beforehand because in summer months inhabitants of TurkeyRead More

Oasis Bakhariyaoazis Bakhary

Bakharys oasis - smallest of 4 hollows. Its length of only 94 km, and width of 42 km, its desert basis and low slopes were formed of sandstone of the Cretaceous covered with limestone and basalt of the eotsenovy period. Though it is higher than other 3rd oasesRead More

The map of China with small towns: Нинся and modern culture of China. The map of China with small towns: Hueysky independent area and modern culture of China

How many there is a trip to China? Will depend on where you will eat. Squeezed between the Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Shansi Ninsya - the Hueysky independent area - smallest of all provinces of China. Historically these lands always gave trouble to Chinese: practicallyRead More

Barkers. The tourist trip to Egypt should be bright and harmless

Than the tourist trip to Egypt can turn back? At a trip to round across Egypt you learn a lot of the fascinating. The ordinary phenomenon on streets of Cairo, in particular near Talaat Harb, - barkers who represent peaceful local inhabitants and strenuouslyRead More

Air movement across Egypt. The best price of air tickets for tourists of Egypt

The price of air tickets in Egypt on the European standards average, but is perhaps very high for the majority of tourists with the limited budget. Counting up how many there is a rest Egypt and whether to take tickets for internal flights запамятовывайте aboutRead More

Ken and its district. Mosques of Egypt oldest of which is dated the XII century. Reviews of tourists of Egypt now concerning Kena

Bad reviews of tourists of Egypt now in KenDespite of own provincial temper, in the sphere of tourism and Kens investments (it is said Sep) it is long it was played the second violin at Luxor. Perhaps, the discontent from that development of tourism in EgyptRead More

Accommodation. The hotel order in Egypt – business simple if to prepare for a choice of the place of residence in, for example, Hurghada

The most part of Hurghada consists of hotels and suburban hotel complexes: demand is usually so high that the most part of hotels are filled for 80-100 %. If your trip to Egypt is undertaken for the sake of diving, a package deal - the most cheap option, andRead More

Round an oasis Fayum Kasr Karun and Tunisia Kasr Karun and Tunisia

KASR KARUN (once a day 8:00-16:00; 32 pounds) are Ptolemeev more remained from temples in Fayuma, it lies on northeast border of an oasis. Though it is in only 45 kilometers from the small town Fayum, it will be necessary the whole eternity to reach there onRead More