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Northeast Anatoli. To the northwest from Erzurum: the road in the Penalty. Ania. Road to ruins, city of Turkey of Ania

The city of Turkey of Ania is in 45 km to the southeast from Kars behind Odzhaklas village. If you have no own motor transport, it is possible to reach there by a taxi. The prices for a taxi in Turkey not the highest. Certain tourists usually gather to groupsRead More

The city on water, water excursions in Thailand

During a tourist trip to Thailand more popular method of research of channels so corresponding for Bangkok (кхлонгов) - аква walk with departure from Tkh Changs (Tha Chang) pier, near the Huge palace, or independent, or with the excursion trip organized actuallyRead More

Izmir. The small town of Turkey on the coast. Inhabitants of Turkey of this small town on the coast of Turkey will not disregard you

Small town of TurkeyThe small town of Turkey - Izmir. the 3rd city on size and the largest port of Turkey 2nd after Istanbul, IZMIR (IZMIR) (old Smyrna) has two million inhabitants, is comparable myagenky climate (short of summer) and very successful placementRead More

Prices, means and banks. Currency of Egypt and the overall price picture of the country for tourists

Voobshchem it is necessary to tell that Egypt - the country itself on for itself rather cheap, except the Sinai Peninsula and Hurghada – the tourist centers. Though, usually, if you avoid smart hotels and only tourist services, the prices for food, placementRead More

MOSQUE VISIT. Rules at visit of mosques in Turkey

Each area is proud of own mosque — the spiritual center of all community. A mosque in Turkey — not only only a work of art and a spirituality embodiment. Magnificent thin minarets rise to the sky, and the internal furniture amuses an eye zamudrenny patterns onRead More

Long-distance transport in Turkey. Planes. Airlines of Turkey, price for tickets and other information

(THY) - the most popular airline of Turkey clasps «Turkish airlines» increasing the country small town. Duration of flight makes from an hour (from Istanbul to Ankara) till 2 oclock (from Istanbul to Diyarbakir). Certain flights mean change in Ankara or IstanbulRead More

Tourist centers and campings of Cairo. Popular vacation spots in Egypt in the open air

Other vacation spots in Egypt Except hotels there are still excellent vacation spots in Egypt, the truth tourist centers and campings can not enough that can offer on comparison to hotels in the center. Their advantage consists in clean air or privacy, but itRead More

FORMS of Appeals. How truly to address to men and ladies of Thailand

Coming to hotels of Thailand with children, it is necessary to train them and to learn rules of the appeal to Thais. It is simplest to precede a name the word khun, in other words mister or madam. So, to Chuan Vongsiri trulyRead More


Moravia, area of the Czech Republic. Between Bohemia and Slovakia Moravia - smallest of the 3rd areas was sheltered, at a trip to round across the Czech Republic, the former Czechoslovakia. Though the North of area represents the industrial region suffering fromRead More

Movement across Egypt. Road service stations and booking. Buses in Egypt: schedule of flights and sale of tickets

In the majority of the cities the bus station one for all directions, but in such small towns as Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said and Ismailia - without which visit, usually does not manage tourist rest in Egypt - exists some terminals (are specified in the guidebookRead More