Организация свадеб в Греции

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The food and drinks in Greece – where to eat is tasty and cheaply?

Probably, for many, as well as for me, Greece since school years was the dream state. The happiness that during a certain moment arises chance - and to go there, towards to the sun and the sea, all antiquities and sights! But suddenly заурчало in a stomach, andRead More

Round an oasis Fayum Vadi Rayan and Plain of whales Accommodation and safari

To receive a maximum from visit Vadi Rayan, you should remain here for the night. At distance of pedestrian walk from falls there is Gian-nat or Paradize Safari Camp (safari camp) which Mohammed Marzook benevolent and speaking in several languages operates. InRead More

Bakhariyagrobnitsas oasis

From an office of Inspection of antiquities you can pass down on a hillock and, having passed through the road, to reach to Carat Kasr Salim, a dusty crest where there are two tombs open for public few years back. Both belonged to local dealers of the XXVI dynastyRead More

Starenky Cairo, peninsula of the Sort and southern suburbs Coptic Cairo St. Sergys Churches and St. Barbarians

Having curtailed to the right after an intersection behind a monastery, you pass the tourist market and will reach St. Sergys church (Abu Serga, once a day 8:00-16:00) which certificate of an antiquity is located below street level the base. Based, allegedlyRead More

Windmills and channels in Holland. What museums and other noteworthy places in the Netherlands are

The Netherlands associates with Van Gogh, клогами, a flower, windmills and so we will tell, the liberal law. Architecture of Amsterdam Amsterdam, Amsterdam … One of the beloved of the cities, for certain, at each traveler who here though once visited. PerhapsRead More

Yangzi Huanshans pool. Traditional art forms of China

Yellowish mountains rising over the Southern Anhui - Huanshan - are among the most beautiful in East China. Say that the one who once made travel to China on their peaks, already never захотит to subdue any other top. Picturesqueness of a local landscape shakesRead More

The best bathing suits which I ever contemplated!

Whether you understand that the bathing suit during own existence evolved on a development spiral from the bared Greek beauties whom the idea about bathing in clothes seemed blasphemous, before bathing in dresses and back to bikini, in other words to nakednessRead More

Shanghai of Gangs, Nanjing Dong Lu, park of Zhenmin and district. To try tasty dishes of China to you will offer at any Chinese restaurant

The best traditional restaurant of Chinese cuisine? where it to find in Shanghai?Feature of this zone is existence of several so called Streets of cafe. Most closer from the top extremity of Nanjing Lu there is Shanghai Xiaochi Shijie. In this small lane runningRead More

Center and South of Egeysky area. Heart of old Ionia. Selchuk and his district. Arcady Road and theater of Turkey are long since destroyed

Turkey, information for tourists: behind church are deeply gone to the earth both hard distinguishable baths of harbor and a gymnasium. To them usually approach on Arcady Road which is at present inaccessible as excavation nearby is conducted. This road is calledRead More

How many there are air tickets to China, the shadow prices

The internal message with Lhasa everyday flights from Chengdu (provide V1550, CNY 300 plus for permission), also flights from Beijing (through Chengdu), Sining, from the airport of Detsin in Chzhundyan (V1430, but permission will manage to you in V1000, and evenRead More