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Turquoise coast. River plain Ksanf. To Pidn. Tourist routes of Turkey on the argillo-arenaceous road

Tourist routes of Turkey in a fortressThe fortress to Sydna Dolmusha from Kumluova (Kumluova Karadere are designated) is passed by 7 km till the end of the asphalted road where on the right, on other party of the river of Ozlen (Ozlen Cayi), the old fortressRead More

Yangzi Fenkhuans pool and district. The most famous Chinese sights

In Fenkhuans colourful suburbs some fascinating monuments of a past remained, from which the Southern Stately Chinese wall is naiblezhayshy. Constructed in 1554 for protection from мяо, the wall lasted practically on 190 km from Sitsyuein in the Western HunanRead More

Lake Loch Ness legend.

Geographical position Loch Ness is a part of a natural crevice Greyt-Glenn (Great Glen) which divides uplands between Inverness and Fort William. At first XIX century Thomas Telford connected lakes the Caledonian canal which has allowed vessels to ply betweenRead More

Turkish cuisine. Food and drinks. Alcohol in Turkey and national dishes of Turkey

What dishes of Turkey should be tested The cuisine of Turkey is famous in the world, and the prices for food are generally applicable. In hotels and boards the breakfast (kahvalti) is usually offered in the form of a buffet: bread or toasts, oil, cheese, sheepRead More

Monastery visit. Visit the most noteworthy vacation spots in Egypt: Mount Sinai and the monastery of Sacred Ekaterina located on it in Egypt

St. Ekaterinas monastery in Egypt: temple history Even if you go to Egypt for three days, try to visit the Sinai Peninsula, it is more interesting than the vacation spot in Egypt hard to find, as one of the oldest operating monasteries here settled down. SacredRead More

Salzburg. Center.

The center of Salzburg is placed on river banks Zaltsakh. The city and its districts princes-archbishops in this connection there was a large quantity of lanes, the areas and episcopal constructions on the west bank near a medieval castle of Hoenzaltsburg ruledRead More

Yangzi Chanshas pool and district. How to spend the best time of rest in China

Such culture in China during new time that because of serious restrictive rules on placement of the foreigners, actually all hotels of Changsha, having the right to receive the zabugorny guests, fantastically expensive, as well as certain fitness centers in ChinaRead More

Huang He Kaifeng. What route across China to choose and what most popular route across China

That we know about Kaifeng The center of Kaifeng limited to a square of walls, extent of which each party makes about 3 km, very much малогабаритен, and many sights in his devil are simple for bypassing on foot therefore tourist trips to China and Kaifeng alwaysRead More

Niagara Falls and national parks of Canada

For the small history Canada did not manage to save up so many historical monuments. The old story of the country which the immemorial people – red-skinned as annoyingly it would not sound could share, also remained in separate episodes. Somewhere it is possibleRead More

Cinema. Film industry growth. Many inhabitants of Turkey consider in Turkey cinema – the major art form

As in Turkey the cinema arose The history of Turkish cinema begins in 1897 when the owner of cafe in the Istanbul region of the Feather, the Romanian Jew Siegmund Veynberg arranged the film screening 1st in the capital in the history of Turkey. Vobshchem, priorRead More