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Virgin Islands USA: peninsula of Saint Thomas, peninsula of Saint John, peninsula Santa Cruz

The Virgin Islands the USA adjoining to the islands with the same name of English citizenship, live at the expense of mass tourism. The cruising ships ply from the continental district of the USA and carry onboard the tourists eager for local eminent white beachesRead More

Going from Sharm el-Sheikh. Buses in Egypt and other means of transport for a turisticheky trip across Egypt

Buses in Egypt from Sharm el-Sheikh Sharm el-Sheikh - the main transport center of Sinai where bus flights to Cairo, a zone of the Channel and in the most part main пт on the peninsula, the sea message with Hurghada and flights of internal and international airlinesRead More

Center and South of Egeysky area. Izmir and its district. Izmir. Night life is presented by the best clubs of Turkey

In what institutions there passes night life in Turkey Innumerable bars on Konak Meydana (Konak Meydani) offer live Turkish music and dances, but rather prestigious night life in Turkey prospers in Alsandzhaka (Alsancak) where various bars and restaurants areRead More

The best vacation spots in Turkey: Yusufeli and his district

The district at merge of valleys of the rivers Barkhal (Barhal) and Chorokh (Coruh) not only only fine and is the fertile corner of the northeast of Turkey most climatic. In the summer all fruit which only it is possible to present for itself, and nearby hereRead More

RELIGION of Thailand and route across Thailand with it connected

To get flaring round to Thailand and familiarize with religion of the country everyone can. More than 90 % of the population of Thailand are professed by Tkheravadas Buddhism, but other religions of Thailand, including Islam (more in the south of the countryRead More

To Verkhn – the Tazovsky reserve

The top reserve Tazovsky absolutely is still young — it is educated in 1986. «The boundless greenish sea of a taiga» was stretched by the area of 631, 3 thousand hectares on Top Tazovskoy of a height, to Entre Rios of inflows of river. A basin — Pokolka and RattaRead More

Neil Dender and Ken Hram Hatkhor Zals plain of the phenomena. The religious cults of old Egypt observed in the temple Hatkhor

The Hellenistic part of the temple where you were brought by travel to Egypt, reveals the Hall of the phenomena topped with columns where Hatkhor it is represented together with other gods, before the departure in Idf on the back). By the light of a torch itRead More

Thai British. Than during rest in Thailand you can be promoted by the map of Thailand in the Russian language

Why to you can the map of Thailand in the Russian language is requiredBritish in lips of poorly educated Thais sounds surprisingly. If you do not know this language, the map of Thailand in the Russian language can be necessary for you. Difficulties of understandingRead More

Baden-Baden. Its sights. Where and when to go and where to eat.

Baden-Baden and its sights. The curative effect of hot sources was estimated for the first time by the most ancient Romans, and by it in the main thing BADEN-BADEN till this moment is attractive. It is the small town where it is pleasant to take a walk at travelRead More

City of Kaunas. Arrival, information and accommodation.

City of Kaunas. Arrival. The station and autostation are placed in the southeast from the center, 15 minutes of walking from Laisves aleja and walking half an hour from the Old small town (it is possible to reach by trolleybuses 1, 3, 5 and 7). Tourists bureauRead More