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To Silifka. Practical advice. Where it is better to have a rest in Turkey, hotels and ретсораны to Silifka

To Silifka. The center of the small town is Menderes Caddesi which is in fifteen minutes of walking on Inonu Caddesi from отогара and where it is better to have a rest in Turkey. Rather informative tourist help (F0324/714-1151) takes place about Veli Gurten BozbeyRead More

UNDERWATER Stones. Means of Thailand in the form of a bribe are not always capable to solve to the dely

As bureaucrats treat money of ThailandThe corruption corresponding for many east states, started up strong backs and in Thailand, though not in such wide scale.In a past the Chinese businessmen often received a patronage of influential Thais for bribes. At firstRead More

Across Jordan: Peters old city, bible places and temples of Jordan, desert Vadi Rhum

Jordan not so long since became the owner of 1 of new 7 wonders of the world. More precisely, it possesses this miracle already in an extent of centuries therefore new it can be called only thanks to that this list was made by the ponovy. There isRead More

Houses and sabil-kuttaby. Houses and architecture of old Egypt

Inhabited architecture of old Egypt The inhabited architecture of old Egypt, namely мамлюков was more distinguished: perfectly adapted for Cairo conditions, it provided bigger comfort, than modern European houses - itself it is not enough, for the provided cityRead More

HEALTH. Many tourists who decide to go on rest in Thailand the savage, successfully avoid different threats of rest in Thailand

Rest threats in Thailand which really to avoidHearings about the tourists dying in Thailand of tropical fever, malaria, diarrhea, food poisonings, etc., very much гиперболизированы. Observing simple care, you will avoid all diseases, indispositions and rest threatRead More

Mosque of sultan Hasan and her architecture.

Construction of a mosque of sultan Hasan. If you are in round across Egypt, have a look mosques of Cairo. A mosque of sultan Hasan (once a day, not including Fridays, 8:00-22:00, on Friday 8:00-13:00 and 14:30-17:00; the entrance of 12 pounds, for students -Read More

Istanbul and its district. Istanbul. Art, joys and festivals. Theater in Turkey

If you already have a visa to Turkey for Russians, pack suitcases and sail away on rest. Once a year in Istanbul occurs a large quantity of international festivals, and its cultural life does not concede cultural life of other big cities of the world. The theaterRead More

Ispir. The finest hotels of Turkey here not to find

The finest hotels of Turkey can be beheld near to mountains Salachur ISPIR (ISPIR), the Byzantian Gispiratis, once was more powerful, than Bayyurt, there are not finest hotels of Turkey. Topped with an acropolis towering over izluky Chorokh, from far away itRead More