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Istanbul and its district. Istanbul. Каракёй, Galat and Beyrgla. A Galatsky tower which is in Galat

Nice also Turkey where there is a Galatsky tower was constructed by genoeses in 1349 on a place of the tower of 528 g erected still at Justinian. In the beginning it was called as a tower of the Christ and stood on the brink of the fortifikatsionny strengtheningsRead More


It is long since clear that the cradle of a world civilization arose on Old Vostk, the region where unusually appeared, prospered and the stately countries and stately cultures went out. Central Asia is one of areas where cultures of the Muslim East and the peopleRead More

Moravia. City of Olomouc. Practical data

Station. The station is placed in 1, 5 km to the East from the Old small town which you will reach, sowing on though what tram going down the street by Masarykova, and having descended at the third or fourth stop. From autostation which is placed still furtherRead More

Where to eat in Germany: we survive in criteria of the German kitchen

In fact very much very much it is necessary to survive hardly as as a whole the food in Germany is habitual for our stomach. Germans will not force you to swallow of dried cockroaches or the pestles of a volcanic papaya digested by means of enzyme of sexual glandsRead More

Zagreb. Night life.

The state theater to the address of Marchal Tito Square 15 (a ticket office: pn-pt 10. 00-13. 00 and 17. 00-19. 30, сб 10. 00-13. 00 and for 1, 5 h before performance, вс - in 30 minutes prior to performance; 01/48 28 532, www. hnk. hr) can behold the CroatianRead More

Yangzi Chanshas pool and district Restaurants, bars and night clubs. Popular Chinese dishes

The trip to China will acquaint you not only only with history and culture of this country. Chinese cuisine also will be presented to you in the wide range. Addiction to fragrant hot spices and yadreny Chile puts hunansky kitchen in one row with other kitchensRead More

Food And DRINKS. The food in Thailand to attract all. Dishes of Thailand in all own abundance are rather tasty

Food in Thailand the very tastyBeautiful cuisine of Thailand — the same distinctive feature of this country, as well as fine beaches of Thailand. Even if you do not love Chile, be not released from food in Thailand. The energetic requirement during the orderRead More

Between Nuveyboy and Taboy. Political actions and rest in Egypt

Rest and political actions in Egypt Rest and political actions in Egypt from each other are not far. The coast in length of 70 km between Nuveyboy and Taboy (at border of Israel) was long rather untouched, with several unsightly resorts. In the 90th years thereRead More

Columbuss beacon in Dominican republic. And about forts and parks in Dominican Republic

Ecstasy from visit of Dominican Republic – ordinary business. All these paradise beaches with snow-white sand, idyllic luxury in a hammock under a palm tree – indisputable components of rest in this place. But that it is curious to whom to have a look at noteworthyRead More

Locks and palaces of Poland, church and cathedrals of Poland. A museum in Auschwitz

Where it would be possible to go in Poland — I was set by such question, having made the decision to go home own great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. Strongly a little about them I know – but it is clear that on the last measure the grandmothers familyRead More