Normal to have hair on penis?

Is it ok to have hair on your penis I got some by the pubic region and they grow on my scrotum too I keep plucking them with tweezers but it doesn’t help much I’m just wondering if it’s normal

It is completely normal to have hair around the base of the penis. It is a sign of puberty. As far as plucking them, it can damage the hair follicle and cause irritation. if it bothers you that much, i would suggest buying an electric trimmer and buzzing it off. just be careful not to cut too closely to the scrotum.

If I had to guess I’d say you’re circumcised, and that your cut is both high and tight. In such cases, having hair growing along your shaft is normal.

What happened is that during your circumcision they removed roughly 2 / 3rds of the skin on your penis. In order to sew everything back together they had to get more skin, and this skin came from your scrotum. Thus, where you see hair growing on your shaft is actually your scrotal skin.

You can always ask a doctor to check, and he can tell you for certain. However, it really isn’t necessary. It’s completely normal in many circumcised men.

that’s conventional for an intact (no longer circumcised) guy to have a small volume of hair on his shaft. that’s conventional for a circumcised guy to have so plenty extra. in this brutal technique, the foreskin is bumped off and the shaft epidermis is pulled up,…pulling the scrotal epidermis with it. The scrotal epidermis has extra hair follicles that shaft epidermis. examine on the internet and seek for an intact male with an erection. you will see the scrotal epidermis does not holiday up the shaft the way it does in a circumcised guy. it is basically yet another interior the long record of motives to never circumcise an infant/new child. One responder has the answer to the priority…..foreskin restoration. you may stretch the relax epidermis which will, over the years, enable the scrotal epidermis to retreat back off the shaft and stay interior the scrotal area for the time of erections. i will vouch for this besides. I had an identical difficulty and function been restoring my foreskin for almost 3 years. It takes time and dedication, yet there are a number of reward,….having a miles less furry shaft being basically one in all them. you may stretch adequate looseness to permit the hair to stay interior the scrotal area, or you may pass each of how and restoration the foreskin finished. in case you have an activity, inspect the hyperlinks under. i visit be satisfied to respond to any questions you have. basically click on my call and e mail me. sturdy success with this. Mithras

Hair on your scrotum and pubic area is normal.
ON YOUR PENIS is NOT normal.

I also have hair on my shaft. I take my time to shave thm off – both there and balls, but otherwise, everything else stays. Oh, except for facial hair.

Yes totally normal, keep pluckin’!


Normal don’t worry

Um, im not sure it is, i recommend contacting your doctor asap just be safe.

i’ve never had hair on my balls only above my dicck. well there is some on my assshole.


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