If Obama is really as ……… ?

If Obama is really as brilliant as some say, wouldn’t Obama be holding a press conference announcing ‘ I realize now that I was right in 2004 when I said that I would not have sufficient experience by 2008 enabling me to effectively serve as President. I fully comprehend that the office of the Presidency…

He’s a dope

An intellectual idiot.

I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms, but there are many of them living here in Massachusetts.

They’re arrogant, articulate, but have no idea what they’re doing or talking about; never held a real job, in the real world; don’t know anything about economics or common sense.

I think you can probably see this in his actions, or lack there of.
He talks instead of acts.

He is in perpetual campaign mode, because that seems to be all he knows how to do

He gives speeches telling of all this action, but does none of it

He obfuscates, is duplicitous, gets in the way, when he should be clearing the way; LA. is a good example.

He is slowed down by bureaucracy, when he should be expediting events in a crisis.

He’s childish and petty in his attacks on political opponents and free press; With intentional mischaracterizations of issues. This is hardly the demeanor of a president

He’s pretty much incompetent for the job

I know the idea of electing the first black president was exciting and all, but….Think before you vote next time

As of now in the history of this country there has been only 42 other people with more experience at being President than President Obama.

Your question is rhetorical. You know well he would never do that, but we can dream. To the person who “quoted” approval ratings and compared them to President Bush. Compare them month to month and see what the difference is. You are right, there is quite a difference. It took 5 years for President Bush’s numbers to get as low as President Obama’s have in just 18 months.

@ Dr.Dre: Get a life you liberal loaner.

Question: Well, it wouldn’t make up for everything else he has done. He can’t be “Brilliant” at something he never will be.

Its like try to make a dog stand on its head! When will that happen?? When pigs fly I assume..??

I wish we could be lucky enough to have him resign. There is still a chance to save this country but we are doomed with this moron in office.

Brilliant people are not necessarily stupid
However that cannot always be said for those sitting in the nosebleed section

OH wouldn’t that be grand? Unfortunatly, he probably won’t get a phone call telling him to do that. Who’s on the other end of that Blackberry anyways? Who’s really in charge?

You know it’s bad when even Rachel Maddow gives him a No Confidence vote.


LOL at *Josh* for thinking popularity determines a persons capability. I guess he is not aware that at one time Bush had a 90% approval rating.

Obama is clearly in over his head, but his golf game is improving and his jump shot is perfected.

Spill, baby, spill!!

He shields himself from all criticism by marginalizing any and all opposition. Intelligent or not, the guy is too arrogant to admit to any mistake.


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