Casinos are Important for Tourism

Some cities in the world would not be as nearly as famous as they are or be considered hot
tourist destinations without their casinos. While this is true of many cities, it is especially true for
Las Vegas, located in the state of Nevada in the USA, and Macau, which is located in China.
Both cities are home to some of the largest, most luxurious, and most famous casino resorts
in the world.

That said, not everyone can afford a trip to these sunny destinations. Therefore, if you
happen to be someone who has visiting a hot casino resort such as the MGM Grand or the Venetian Macao
on your bucket list, you might find visiting
will help amuse you until you
get your chance to travel. After all, playing some of the amazing casino games you will find in
this online casino’s d...

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So what’s the color of chameleon dress?

Today we called several employees of our company to determine the color of the dress, and as it was thought, the company split into two parts:

  • 4 employees saw white and gold, or in a pinch white with blue/gold with brown-yellowish…
  • 3 employees saw blue and black!

I was warned about the possible aggression from the “white and gold” camp (and that’s – I don’t want any kind of murder to be done in the company). But unexpectedly “white and gold” were very quiet, and since predicted events do not come true (we have no quarrel), we just decided that the main cause is in different perception of each person. We see all things in different way.

By the way, there are twins in our company, and they (both – female) see colors differently although they have identical-looking eyes.

At home, ...

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Trekking by Likian Way and Bike Tour in Turkey

Trekking by Likian Way and Bike Tour in Turkey - Turkey

Recreation in Turkey usually is associated with sunny beaches, hotels and sunbathes. But climate of the country makes it very attractive for those, who prefer active recreation too. Trekking in Turkey is much more exciting than relax “all inclusive”. There is an opportunity to visit nooks of the country unavailable for average tourist, to view beautiful and wild places, to recognize real, non touristic life of Turkey.

One of the most popular routes for trekking in Turkey – is Likian Way. It is a route 500 kilometers long on the south of Turkey, for trekking the most interesting part of 150 km is usually chosen. It includes mighty mountains, cozy quite bays, exotic animals, antic ruins and distinctive Turkish settlements...

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Trekking in Ukraine

Trekking in Ukraine – trips to the Carpathians

The most popular place for trekking in Ukraine is the Carpathians. They are located in the southern-west of the country and covers 24 thousands km2, this is 3,5% of total territory of the country. The height of the mountain ranges is relatively not so high, ranging from 1000 to 2000 meters, which creates good opportunities for hiking tours in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The mountains stretch from the northern-west to the southern-east for 280 km long and more than 110 km wide and occupy territories of the Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Chernivtsi regions.

Carpathian Mountains are multifaceted and various. There are plenty of interesting routes, each of which has own features...

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No need to worry about your cat home alone anymore


Leaving cat constantly alone for prolonged periods of time is a common mistake of majority of pet owners. It is a result of false statement that cats are loners and it is OK to leave them alone.

Unlike dogs, cats usually do not have their daily regime. Instead of that they know your daily routine and stick to it. They know when you get up, prepare breakfast and go to work because consistency is essential for feline. You are, perhaps, the most important part of your cat’s life and it is your duty to make this life more interesting.

It seems that cats usually sleep all day long and do nothing at all, except, maybe gazing on birds from the window sill. However, as the practice shows, cats are bored when left alone and they entertain themselves by bird hunting, for instance...

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AREA CODES Each state has a different area code: 02 for New South Wales and the ACT; 07 for Queensland; 03 for Vic­toria and Tasmania; and 08 for South Australia, the Northern Territory, and Western Australia. You must dial the appropriate code if calling outside the state you are in; however, you also need to use the code if you are calling outside the city you are in. For example if you are in Sydney, where the code is 02 and you want to call another New South Wales town, you still dial 02 before the number. See “Staying Connected,” p. 71.

BUSINESS HOURS Banks are open Monday through Thursday from 9:30am to 4pm, Friday 9:30am to 5 pm. General business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm...

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296km (184 miles) NW of Hobart; 245 km (152 miles) SW of Devonport

Tasmania’s west coast is wild and mountainous, with a scattering of mining and logging towns and plenty of wilderness. The pristine Franklin and Gordon rivers tumble through World Heritage areas once contested by loggers, politicians, and environmentalists, whereas the bare, poisoned hills that make up the eerily beautiful “moonscape” of Queen­stown show the results of mining and industrial activity. Strahan ★ (pronounced

Strawn), the only town of any size in the area, is the starting point for cruises up the

Gordon River and into the rainforest.


GETTING THERE Tassielink (& 1300/300 520 in Australia, or 03/6230 8900; www. W9U tigerline. com...

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Inds Hiking the Overland Track

The best-known hiking trail in Australia is the Overland Track ★★, a 65km (40-mile) route between Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Clair. The trek takes 6 to 10 days and can be tough going in some parts. The trek gives you a good look at the beauty of Tasmania’s pristine wilderness, passing through high alpine plateaus, button grass plains, heathland, and rainforests, studded with glacial lakes, ice-carved crags, and waterfalls. There are many rewarding side trips, including the 1-day ascent of Mount Ossa (1,617m/5,304 ft.), Tasmania’s high­est peak.

During the peak (summer) season (Nov 1-Apr 30), you must pay a National Parks fee of A$150 adults or A$120 children 5 to 17, as well as the normal park entry fee...

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85km (53 miles) S of Devonport; 175km (109 miles) NW of Hobart

The national park and World Heritage area that encompasses both Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Clair is one of the most spectacular regions in Australia and, after Hobart and Port Arthur, the most visited place in Tasmania. The 1,545m (5,068-ft.) mountain dominates

the north part of the island, and the long, deep lake is to its south. Between them lie steep 723 slopes, button grass plains, majestic alpine forests, dozens of lakes filled with trout, and several rivers. Mount Ossa, in the center of the park, is Tasmania’s highest point at 1,617m (5,304 ft.). The Overland Track (see “Hiking the Overland Track,” below), links Cradle Mountain with Lake St. Clair and is the best known of Australia’s walking trails...

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Fee & Me Restaurant ★★ MODERN AUSTRALIAN Perhaps the best restaurant in Launceston, Fee & Me is in a grand old mansion. The menu is structured so that din­ers choose a selection from five categories, each one moving from light to rich. An extensive wine list complements selections for each course...

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